About Us, About Gas

Who is St. Croix Gas?

About our Business

We are an investor-owned public utility, regulated by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, who controls the rates we charge and other terms and conditions of our services. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions about service, safety, or rates.

We are also a family-owned business and have been in operation since 1966. Our owners are community members and actively support community programs.

Communities We Serve

Hammond, Prescott, River Falls and the townships of Hammond, Troy, Kinnickinnic, Clifton and River Falls in western Wisconsin.

About Gas

About Natural Gas

Natural gas is the cleanest, most energy-efficient fossil fuel you can use. By burning natural gas to heat water and your home, to dry clothes and to cook, you generate only about 25% of the carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) used to generate the same amount of electric heat.

Gas is preferred for cooktops and for drying clothes with a minimum of static. Its low price and convenience make it America's favorite source of home heat.

About Gas Service Pipelines

Our steel and polyethylene pipelines are found beneath city streets, rural road right-of-ways, farm fields, and along back yard property lines. Individual gas service lines may be found in any part of a property. It's always important to Call 811 before You Dig to have your property flagged for underground utilities. If you hit a line, call 911 and our 24-hour number 715-425-6177 for emergency response.

Gas pipelines have the best safety record of any form of transportation nation-wide. Read more at the American Gas Association website.

About our Gas and Safety

Our gas is odorized for safety. If you smell a rotten-egg smell, it may be a gas leak and you should call us immediately at 715-425-6177. There are other signs of an underground gas leak you should learn to recognize and respond to.